Who wants to volunteer to die early? How about you first, Engelhardt?

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Thanks for your dedication and common sense. The use of all out FEAR was and is still too hot and when people are scared they'll do almost anything to stop it. The use of this kind of hate towards us, in this case, was demonic. It calls humanity to be alert now at all times, to weigh what is seen, read, and heard.

Balance is key to staying well as fear is a tool that can cause dis-ease and you know where that can go.

Silence is also a bad tool, it tells me, at least, that something is very wrong. Right here, as well as globally.

Trust nothing that comes to the whole world as one voice. Something has been planned before that voice is put out there. Yet it has been on several sites foe ages that depopulation is always happening. The horror of that should be taken seriously. It means genocide.

Be as educated as you can be so you can make decisions from knowing, not from ignorance.

God is not doing this this is all human Greed, but only we can work toward a better world.

Love will win this.

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