Very important thoughts regarding stats. Thank you for sharing.

My only concern is that you never mentioned the FACT that throughout history, people, organizations and yes, even governments have been caught LYING about stats. Either fabricating them or exaggerating them. And at a time in our history when the majority of people have been programmed to blindly trusting and following those in 'authority', blindly trusting stats has never been more dangerous. We currently have governments, government 'experts', and the media all presenting false stats and have been CAUGHT lying about stats in one way or another (i.e. people die from gun shot wounds or a motorcycle accident, but are added to the 'stats' of those who died from covid. Another is how they presented stats saying how effective the toxic injections were at preventing you from catching covid but now admit not only do the toxic injections not protect you, they also never tested it to see if it would). These are the stats that are shoved down our throats and which those we love hide behind to justify living in fear and following a corrupt system. The REAL stats presented by REAL and courageous scientists and experts are what those who are awake and know what is happening use and share, but our governments and media ignore and brush off.

So two very different sets of 'stats'. So it is important to be aware that some stats are fraudulently presented, so one must always 'look to the fruit of the tree'. A good tree produces good fruit and a bad tree produces bad fruit. Check the source of the stats and what they are attempting to accomplish using those 'stats'.

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My vaccine symptoms were never reported. If mine weren't, how many others were not. That means the data does not tell the truth, sins by omission.

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Beautiful hopeful piece, as usual, thank you Barry.

"We don’t need to wait for mountains of data from ballistics experts and pathologists to know that the game of Russian roulette is dangerous because we are able to think for ourselves first."

Are we? Sometimes I wonder how much of our critical thinking abilities are left... or even allowed.

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