Well said, compassionate as there are many busy busy people who are up to their ears keeping up with family and career responsibilities who were raised to respect and trust authority and who refuse to look behind the curtain at corruption. They believe in the system and have no direct experience or interest in corruption investigation hoping that as they focus on doing their part to keep the world turning that someone else is in a position to fight for them and everyone else. We all have a role to play depending on our unique talents and situation. The root source of corruption which harms others is addiction of some to power, money and control. The addiction is insatiable. The ultimate "hit" of this "drug" is life and death control over millions of innocents. The actions can be judged by us. If found to cause harm the actions must stop. All of us are gifted in some way. All of us are flawed. It is the actions that matter. Judge the actions to stop the harms. Celebrate the actions which bring us comfort, hope, compassion, unity, inclusion, understanding, forgiveness, sharing and an constant evolution to a better path forward.

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Nov 1, 2022·edited Nov 1, 2022

You are so right about over using terms like 'crises'. Overkill deadens the word.

When do we see the numbers? I think those will convince more people of the truth.

And yes.... Happy All Soul's Day!

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